Monday, February 14, 2011

Islands in the Sky: Random Island Generator!

This generator will be used when the PCs are traveling the skies and happen across a random Island in the Sky. 

Per 6 hours of sky travel: 1d6
1 Nothing
2 Nothing
3 Another skyship! 1: Pirate 2: Cruise/pleasure ship 3: Military 4: Fisherman 5: Merchant 6: Adventurers (and roll on race chart below)
4: Monster attack!
5: Wild Weather! 1: Tornado 2: Thunderstorm 3: Snowstorm 4: Windstorm 5: Heatstorm 6: Hailstorm
6: Island in the Sky (roll on following charts)

Size in square miles: 2d4
2 1d10+20
3 1d10
4 1d4
5 <1
6 1d4
7 1d10
8 1d10+20

Inhabitants 1d8+1d12
2 Artisan Town (magic items)
3 Mining Town (rare minerals)
4 Ghost Town
5 House on a Hill (occupied)
6 House on a Hill (abandoned)
7 Mining Town
8 Organized Militaristic Humanoids
9 Wilderness
10 Humanoid Monster Packs/Clans
11 Ancient Ruins
12 Small Trading Village
13 2d6 homes around shared farmland
14 House on a Hill (abandoned)
15 House on a Hill (occupied) 
16 Ghost Town
17 Mining Town
18 Artisan Town
19 Mining Town (rare minerals)
20 Artisan Town (magic items)

Terrain Type 2d6
2 Arctic
3 Desert
4 Jungle
5 Mountains
6 Forest
7 Plains/Prairie
8 Swamp
9 Badlands
10 Fey or Shadow
11 Volcano
12 Watermote

Racial Make-up d20 (25% mixed 1-6 races)
1 Elf
2 Eladrin
3 Gnome
4 Halfling
5 Dwarf
6 Dragonborn
7 Drow
8 Shadar-kai
9 Wilden
10 Tiefling
11 Cyclops
12 Gnoll
13 Goblin
14 Orc
15 Kobold
16 Lizardfolk
17 Troglodyte
18 Undead
19 Fomorians
20 Human


  1. Cool. I did a generator for more traditional (non-flying) islands a bit back. Yours and mine could probably be combined to good effect:

  2. @ Trey: very nice! I'll definitely have to find a way to put your generator to use in my own campaign. I'm thinking a journey down to the ocean surface will be in order at some point.

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