Monday, October 10, 2011

Microlite74 Play-By-Blog anyone?

As I mentioned before, last week I think, my gaming time lately has been pretty slim. That bugs me. This hectic life leaves precious little time to gather around the table, even with my kids! I'm really itching to run something and stretch my creative muscles back out. I've been pondering getting into a Constantcon game, but I just don't have the three to five hour block of time to do so, and nevermind that my crappy old desktop would undoubtedly fail me, even if I tried. 

I really want to take Microlite74 Extended for a test run. I really dig how MilwaukeeJoe is running his game of Grind4e using a blog interface, with players describing their actions in the comments. For more details on how exactly that works, go here

That being said, consider this a call for player applications. This will be a player-driven, hex-crawl, sandbox type of game. While the standard fantasy races described in Microlite74 Extended will all be available for PCs, the setting will be low-magic, and with the same basic "Points of Light" idea that 4th Edition D&D espouses. I'll be using converted AD&D2E monsters and magic items, along with plenty of homebrewed goodness. I have no overarching grand plot. The landscape will be liberally sprinkled with plenty of adventure sites, of which the players will hear plenty of rumours about. I will utilize multitudinous random tables to determine a lot of things as the game progresses. This will NOT be all nice and balanced like 4E, nor will it focus excessively on that tactical combat side of things. 

Email me at sully33 at gmail dawt com if you are interested in playing! I will start up a new blog specifically for this game if there is enough interest.


  1. Thanks for joining Tenkar, good to have you. Another seat at the table has been filled as well, but I'd like at least four players to start, and as I get the hang of the system I imagine I could handle six or seven.

    I'll try to get a new blog devoted to the game up and running tonite after my welding school wraps up.

  2. Hey, thanks for the kind words about my play-by-blog. I'm excited to see the format being used for more games! Eager to see where this goes (but alas, far too busy to play). Good Luck! (MilwaukeeJoe)

  3. I'll be plugging your game over on the RetroRoleplaying Blog shortly. I don't have the free time to play, but I'll follow the blog!

  4. Thanks a lot Randall! I'm still working on getting the new blog for the game set up, but it should be up and running pretty soon.