Sunday, December 11, 2011

D100 CharGen Bogeys

One of my favorite parts of CharGen in the Dragonquest game I used to be a part of, way back in the day, was rolling for bogeys. This was usually the last step in CharGen before spending your starting experience points. You never knew what boons or banes you might roll for your character.

With this in mind, I present the following D100 table for use with Microlite74. Humans roll twice, all other races roll once. Some of these may require a little work on the part of the DM and/or Player to fit in.

D100 Random ChaeGen Bogeys

1. Strong +1 STR
2. Agile +1 DEX
3. Clever +1 MIND
4. Attractive +1 CHA
5. Mighty +2 STR
6. Acrobat +2 DEX
7. Brilliant +2 MIND
8. Charming +2 CHA
9. Weapon Training: +1 to hit with a certain weapon.
10. Armor Training: gain proficiency with any armor, or +1 to AC if already proficient.
11. Toughness: +5 HP
12. Resilient: +1 Fortitude saves
13. Quick Reflexes: +1 Reflex saves
14. Strong-willed: +1 Will saves
15. +1 Presence saves
16. Elven blood: gain elvish ability to note secret/hidden doors
17. Dwarven heritage: note slanting passages, traps, shiftings walls, and new construction in underground settings.
18. Darkvision: can seen in darkness as if it were twilight.
19. Linguist: learn any additional language
20. Animal Master: you have a special affinity with animals and have a trained, non-magical animal companion of some sort (dog, cat, snake, ferret, bird, etc)
21. Gladiator: you have spent some time in the fighting arenas. Gain +1 to hit with a particular melee weapon, and you crit with that weapon on a natural 19 or 20.
22. Mariner: you were a sailor for some time. You are knowledgable about sailing and life on the sea and gain a +1 to hit with a net.
23. Merchant: you come from a family of merchants, and have a natural skill at determining the actual price of gems and other treasure.
24. Nobility: you have family in high places. You start out with 5X starting gold, but you must pay 25% extra for everything you buy, to get the finest quality. You gain favorable reactions from other nobles, and have knowledge of proper etiquette.
25. Outlaw: you are wanted by the authorities somewhere for a crime, whether you committed it or not.
26. Peasant Hero: you saved your village from a terrible fate.
27. Pirate: arr matey
28. Pugilist: you are quite skilled at fighting with your bare hands, and use 1d6 for damage when fighting unarmed.
29. Rider: you have a fast horse, with which you share a close bond.
30. Scholar: you are educated and have a thirst for knowledge of all sorts. +1 MIND
31. Sharpshooter: you are an amazing shot with a bow. Gain proficiency with the bow if you don't already have it, and gain an additional +3 to hit.
32. Swashbuckler: +1 to hit with light blades (rapiers, sabres, etc) and +1 to AC when wearing light or no armor
33. Blaster: you gain the Arcane Blast ability.
34. Alertness: you gain a bonus to surprise rolls.
35. Ambidexterous: you can use either hand equally well.
36. Artistic: you are quite skilled in some artform, be it painting, drawing, music, sculpture, or something else.
37. Meteorologist: you have a natural sense for and understanding of the weather, and can tell when it's about to change or if it is unnatural.
38. Double-jointed: you are quite adept at getting out of bonds and restraints.
39. Internal Compass: when outside, you always know which way is north.
40. Keen eyesight: you can see better than most, perceiving details at a greater distance and spotting hidden objects nearby.
41. Keen hearing: you have excellent hearing, particularly when listening through dungeon doors.
42. The Nose: you have a particularly sensitive sense of smell.
43. Light Sleeper: you wake up at the slightest noise.
44. Obscure knowledge: you are the local trivia buff and repository of esoteric information.
45. Photographic Memory
46. Allergies: you get quite sneezy, or break out in hives, etc, when the weather changes or at other inopportune moments.
47. Bad tempered: doesn't handle insults, real or imagined, very well.
48. Clumsy.
49. Colorblind.
50. Compulsively honest.
51. Compulsive liar.
52. Deep sleeper.
53. Greedy.
54. Kleptomaniac: save vs Will or attempt to steal something shiny.
55. Minor Phobia
56. Major Phobia
57. Powerful Enemy
58. Favored Enemy: gain a bonus when fighting against a certain monster.
59. Stealthy: you always seem to move quietly.
60. Less sleep: you need only 4 hours of sleep to gain the full benefits of an extended rest.
61. Lucky shot! Ignore distance modifiers for ranged weapons.
62. +1 to hit with bows
63. +1 to hit with crossbows
64. Speed-loader: you can fire a crossbow and reload it in the same round.
65. +1 to hit with a sword
66. +1 to hit with an axe
67. +1 to hit with a mace, hammer or morningstar
68. +1 to hit with a flail
69. +1 to damage with a specific weapon
70. Hit Point Bonus: every time you level, add one to your HP roll.
71. Experience Bonus: -2 to your Experience Base
72. Claustrophobia. Penalty in confined spaces (like dungeons)
73. Hit Point Bonus: use the next larger size die for determining HP when you level.
74. Healing Surge: once per day, as long as you have not lost any body points, you may recover one quarter of your total hit points.
75. Action Point: once per day, you may take an extra action in a combat round.
76. Immune to disease.
77. Immune to poison.
78. Natural climber.
79. You can speak with animals, as the spell.
80. You understand the language of magic and can cast spells from scrolls.
81. Once per day and not during combat, you can heal someone else for up to a quarter of their total hit points.
82. Once per day, you can detect magic, as the spell.
83. You are on a mission from God.
84. Wizard's Apprentice: you spent some time as an apprentice to an old wizard, and can use the Minor Magic wizard ability.
85. People really like you: you can Charm Person once per day, as the spell.
86. You can Hypnotize someone once per day, as the spell.
87. Heartbroken.
88. Family Ties: you are married and have children.
89. Family Ties: your sibling(s) always seem to be getting themselves in trouble, and you have to bail them out.
90. You were born under a bad sign.
91. Your birth was considered a good omen.
92. Some group believes you are the Chosen One.
93. You spent some time brainwashed by a dark cult.
94. You are the last survivor of your clan.
95. You are searching for the six-fingered man, who killed your father.
96. You were raised by wolves.
97. You were raised by orcs (or some other monstrous humanoid).
98. You are a part of some divine prophecy.
99. You have several sizeable debts to pay off.
100. Roll twice more.


  1. Love the list. I think Harn does something like this to. I just remember having a traveling priest with leprosy. Worked out kinda cool.

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