Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chaos and Law

or, Randomness vs The Curve

As I get deeper into working on my card-based fantasy RPG, tentatively titled "The Deck of Many Heroes", I continually find myself debating dice in my head. My Dragonquest days (read: percentile rolls) and my love for the D20 trend me toward that type of random roll. However, I also can very much appreciate a proper curve when adding die rolls together. My last post, which was character backgrounds for 4E, utilized both, and I think it works well. The first roll is 2d10 added together to determine which chart you proceed to roll on, which are all random die rolls.

I am forever torn between the law of averages and the chaos of randomness! Hmm, maybe I'm truly neutral...

Any thoughts, oh D&D blogosphere?

1 comment:

  1. Go with random, brings something to the game, an element of surprise and uncertainty that enhances game play.