Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Islands in the Sky: Verys Hiladian

First of all, allow me to apologize for my lack of posting of late. I try to be a daily poster to this blog, but this past weekend I found myself to be quite ill and so this is the first I have been able to get much writing done.  I hardly picked up my D&D books I felt so poorly!  Anyways, allow me to introduce you to the Island of Verys Hiladian...

Verys Hiladian is a smaller island in the sky, although it is a bustling, busy one.  Roughly 2 square miles of terrain on top, which slopes from one side to the other.  The higher side is rocky, rough land, and is home to an elemental crystal mine. The lower side is where the town is situated, and it is home to some five hundred souls.  Thirty people work in the mines, and another thirty work at the town's docks.  There are some fifty talented people who create all manner of generally mundane items imbued with the magic of the elemental crystals that are mined up the hill.  Everyone in town is skilled in some way; most are artisans but many others are capable constructors and smithies, and several others still have a high degree of competency in magical arts.

First and foremost, the aforementioned Elemental Crystals. These are found in great abundance in the ground of Verys Hiladian. Individual crystals contain the essence of some specific type of magic, be it fire, ice, thunder, or other, darker powers (basically, every damage type in 4E D&D will have a corresponding type of Elemental Crystal associated with it). They require careful extraction from the rock surrounding them. These Crystals are never sold or traded, and always used by the artisans in town in the crafting of their wondrous items.  

These wondrous items account for a wide variety of magical enhancements to everyday life.  One of the most popular are the Beacons that allow airships to find certain islands. Long-distance instant two-way communication crystal balls are also in high demand.  Cooking aids, farming tools, alarms, locks, enchanted books and pens and paper, toys, bags of holding and boots of speed, cloaks, gloves, rings, goggles and glasses; all manner of magical items are produced here on Verys Hiladian.  

Magical weapons, however, are another matter. There is a single smithy who will enchant weapons on Verys Hiladian, and those are strictly for the defense of the Island. Magic weapons are never sold here. Several years ago, someone began illicitly producing and selling enchanted weapons. It was not long before he was kicked off the Island... in a most literal sense. 

Verys Hiladian will be the starting location for my upcoming Islands in the Sky campaign. As such, I will soon be posting up information on various NPCs about town. Verys Hiladian is home to people of several different races, and even a number of humans are found here!  There has been peace in town for many years, but all that is soon to change... 

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