Friday, March 11, 2011

Wha? Some Actual Gaming?

Finally! We have plans to actually get a game half-way up and running on Sunday!  Islands in the Sky will get its first test-flight.  I'm letting the players start at level 3, just because.

My beautiful wife will be playing Khaledra, Eladrin Druid who's all about her Ferocious Tiger Form.

Hopefully Kevin will have his character all built up in the Character Builder, so we will see what he comes up with.  Also hopefully, he will bring Curtis along, and I will have Curtis' old character Thrack the Half-Orc Ranger leveled up to 3rd for him.

We also have Drew and Paul along for the ride. Drew has gotten the hang of D&D pretty quick in the few times he's played.  Paul is a n00b and I have no idea what kind of character he's going to come up with.

I have a pretty good idea of the adventure I'm going to send them on. We're starting on the island of Verys Hiladian.  I have plenty more prep work to do here, so this blog post will be short. I will be posting a full accounting of the session on Sunday evening.

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  1. Have a great game, Sully. I know how hard it can be to arrange gaming time.