Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top 5!

I know I'm mostly focused on 4e D&D here at A Pack of Gnolls, but I try to put out a lot of material that is primarily system-neutral, ie, mostly fluff that can be easily adapted to any D&D-type campaign. I definitely get a lot of inspiration from my old-school AD&D 2e books, and I suppose, because of that, I've earned an honorary place in the OSR community.

Cyclopeatron has been keeping tabs on us all, and I made it into the top 5 of his list of hottest old schoolish blogs (on blogspot) (gauged by growth in number of followers over the past month)! Woohoo! I must be doing something right. Uhh, I would like to thank the academy, and by academy I mean all 30 of my awesome followers.

As an aside, I was fixing the plumbing in my house after work today, and haven't had much time to get any D&D work done. Tomorrow I hope to have up a review of Save Versus Death's Revenge of the Iron Lich. Seriously. Go download it. Now.  It's amazing.  And by amazing I mean it will make you want to TPK your friends again and again and again.  His whole Fourthcore thing is definitely getting my gears in motion.  I'm not sure if I'm really up to the task of crafting a Fourthcore adventure, but I will be giving it a shot.

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