Sunday, December 18, 2011

Microlite74/Castle Ravenloft Mash-Up Progress

In my last post I identified a number of things I wanted to accomplish to make the M74 Castle Ravenloft game run more smoothly. These were:

Random Event Chart in lieu of drawing Castle Ravenloft "Encounter" cards.
New chart for "What's in the Newly Explored Tile".
New Random Monster Chart including stats and possible treasure.
A chart for determining traps on a tile, separate from the Random Event Chart.

I present my progress below.

Random Dungeon Event Chart (my first D30 table! I don't even own a D30, sacrilege I know, but I've totally got an app for that...)

D30 Dungeon Events Table

Using the “Countdown Dice” mechanic: DM has a dWhatever that starts on a 1. Player rolls same size dice. If player’s roll is greater, nothing happens, and DM’s countdown die increases by 1 for the next player’s turn, who will also roll same size die. If a player’s roll is equal to or less than the number of the DM’s countdown die, roll on this chart. (Note: some of this flavor text I took right off the Encounter cards from the board game, so I apologize to WotC for any copyright infringement)
1. Crippling Miasma: a horrid stench of decay fills the air. Each Hero’s speed is reduced by 1. Fortitude save ends.
2. Howl of the Wolf: from somewhere deeper in the crypts, a wolf howls. 1 monster makes an immediate attack.
3. Choking Fog: acrid, yellow smoke fills the crypt, causing you to choke and cough. Reflex save to hold breath or take 1d6 damage.
4. Gray Ooze: a puddle of gray ooze forms at your feet and attacks! Plus 6, 1d6 dmg, Poisoned (Fortitude save ends).
5. Reinforcements: 1d4 monsters arrive from the nearest unexplored edge and attack!
6. Howling Ghost: a shrieking banshee emerges from the shadows; its howl causes you to recoil in agony. 1d6 dmg to all heroes on tile (Presence save halves)
7. Treasure Chest: you find an ancient chest with a rusty lock.
8. Hands of the Dead: several crawling claws attack all the heroes on the tile. Plus 6, 1d4 dmg and Slowed (Presence save ends)
9. Bat Swarm: a horde of bats fills the chambers for 1d6 rounds. All heroes must make Reflex saves to attack.
10. Blood Frenzy: All monsters make an attack.
11. Strahd’s Minions: Strahd appears and teleports hero to a far-away tile. Add two monsters to the destination tile.
12. Adventurer’s Past: a ghost of a long-dead adventurer appears. Presence save or run towards closest unexplored edge and explore.
13: Strahd Attacks: Strahd appears out of the shadows and tosses a fireball at you! Plus 6, 1d8 dmg, Reflex save halves. Strahd disappears into the darkness.
14. Prowling Spirits: Cold, spectral hands grasp at you. Reflex save or lose an item.
15: King Tomescu’s Portal: You stumble into an unseen portal, and disappear until your next turn, when you reappear elsewhere on the board. While gone, you are attacked three times at plus 6 1d6 dmg.
16. Strahd’s Hunger: Strahd appears! His gaze overwhelms you. Will save or 1d6 dmg.
17. Deadly Shadows: voices in the darkness whisper corrupting lies about your friends. Will save or attack the closest one!
18. Strahd’s Whispers: Strahd’s voice compels you to attack your closest friend if you fail a Will save.
19. Corner of Your Eye: You investigate something moving in the darkness.  Explore the closest unexplored edge. You have initiative against any monster you find there. You also gain 1d6 HP.
20. Haunted Mists: Undead monsters gain plus 2 to hit and to damage for 1d6 turns.
21. Spider Webs: hundreds of tiny spiders drop a web on you from above! Reflex save or Immobilized (Fort save ends)
22. Green Slime: a blob falls from the ceiling and attacks every hero on the tile. Plus 6 1d6 dmg, and then slithers through a crack in the floor.
23: Cackling Skull: a phantasmal skull floats through the crypts, laughing hideously. Presence or Will save to avoid being Dazed (Will save ends)
24: Mists of Terror: a whispered chant echoes through the crypts, and a white mist flows past you. Reflex save or be Immobilized in terror (Presence save ends)
25: Overwhelming Terror: shrieks and howls can be heard somewhere in the crypts. Presence save or run three tiles towards the entrance.
26. Patrina Velikovna: The ghostly image of an elf maiden appears before you. She smiles for a moment, before unleashing a blood-curdling shriek. Shriek plus 7, 1d6 dmg, all monsters move closer to the heroes.
27.The Ghost of Prince Aurel: a ghost appears in the corridor ahead of you; its ghastly features freeze you in terror. Presence save or Immobilized (Will save ends).
28. Music of the Damned: the haunting sounds of an organ fill the tombs, chilling you to the bone. All monsters gain plus 2 to hit and to damage for 1d6 rounds.
29. Blood Fog: a dark red fog rolls through the area, filling monsters and heroes alike with a bloodlust. All attack rolls of 18 or higher result in critical hits.
30. Summoning Circle: a misstep disturbs a strange magic rune, and a monster materializes next to you!

What's In the Newly Explored Tile? 1d12 (Dungeon Events produced from this chart do NOT reset the DM's countdown die)
1. Nothing
2. Nothing
3. Monster
4. Monster
5. Monster
6. Monster and Dungeon Event
7. 2 Monsters 
8. 2 Monsters
9. 2 Monsters
10. 2 Monsters and Dungeon Event
11. 3 Monsters
12. Treasure
Every tile has a 1-in-6 chance of being trapped. 

Hey, there's a trap on that tile! What is it? Roll a d8!
1. Circle of Death: All Undead gain 1d6 HP when triggered. 
2. Alarm: 1d6 new monsters appear each round for 1d6 rounds or until the Alarm is deactivated. 
3. Net: A huge net falls on all heroes in the tile (+6, Slowed on a hit, Reflex save ends). 
4. Poison Darts: +4, Poisoned on a hit, Fort save ends)
5. Crossbow Turret: Bolts fire out of holes in the far wall, +7, 1d6 dmg
6. Fire Trap: Jets of fire from walls and ceiling, +8, 1d8 dmg
7. Teleport Glyph: Reflex save or teleport to random/dangerous spot in dungeon. 
8. Spear Gauntlet spiking up out of the floor: +6, 1d8 dmg

Hey, you killed a monster! I bet it dropped some treasure. What did it have in its little horde? 
This is a series of charts. First roll 2d6 here:
2. White: Weapons
3. Red: Potions
4. Green: Rings n Stuff
5. Fortune
6. Gold
7. Gold
8. Gold
9. Fortune
10. Green: Rings n Stuff
11. Red: Potions
12. Black: Magic

You found Gold! Roll 2d10 to see how many pieces of gold you found!
2. 100
3. 75
4. 60
5. 50
6. 40
8. 25
9. 20
10. 15
11. 10
12. 15
13. 20
14. 25
15. 30
16. 40
17. 50
18. 60
19. 75
20. 100

How Fortunate! You've gotten a Fortune of some sort. Roll a d10. 
1. Breath of Life: Regain 1d8 HP
2. Shake it Off: Choose a hero and end any one condition that a Save could end
3. Intimidate: Move a monster up to 2 squares away
4. Burst of Speed: Move up to your speed
5. Heroic Stand: Gain +2 to hit and to damage for the next 1d6 turns
6. Run!: Gain +2 to speed for 1d6 rounds
7. Guided Strikes: All heroes gain +2 to hit until your next turn
8. Harrowed Experience: Gain 1 Experience Point
9. Action Surge: Make an extra move or attack right now!
10. Moment’s Respite: The DM sets his Dungeon Event Die back to 1. 

Looks like you found a magical ring or something. Roll 2d10. 
2. Ring of Wisdom: +2 to Will saves
3. Ring of Courage: +2 to Presence saves
4. Ring of Toughness: +2 to Fortitude saves
5. Ring of Quickness: +2 to Reflex saves
6. Ring of Accuracy: +1 to ranged attacks
7. Boots of Striding: +1 to Speed
8. Polymorph Wand: Choose a monster within 10 squares. Roll for a new monster and replace the old one if it fails its saving throw. Wand has 1d6 charges
9. Amulet of Protection: Gain +1 bonus to all saving throws
10. Lucky Charm: Reroll any die roll, and discard
11. Lucky Charm: Reroll any die roll, and discard
12. Gauntlets of Ogre Power: +2 to damage with melee weapons
13. Blessed Shield: +1 to AC
14. Wand of Teleportation: Teleport any monster on your tile up to 3 tiles away. 1d6 charges
15. Bracers of Defense: +1 to AC
16. Ring of Shooting Stars: +5 to hit, 1d6+3 dmg, range 10
17. Ring of Wisdom: +2 to Will saves
18. Ring of Courage: +2 to Presence saves
19. Ring of Toughness: +2 to Fortitude saves
20. Ring of Quickness: +2 to Reflex saves

Ooooh, it's a potion! Roll 2d8. 
2. Dragon’s Breath Elixir: Attack each monster on your tile at +6, for 1d8 dmg
3. Potion of Animal Control: Control a single animal for 1d6 turns
4. Potion of Undead Control: Control 1d6 undead for 1d6 turns
5. Potion of Invisibility: Lasts 1d6 turns, or until you make an attack
6.Potion of Strength: +1d4 dmg on melee attacks for 1d6 turns
7. Potion of Healing: Regain d8 HP
8. Antidote: End a Poisoned condition
9. Potion of Speed: Move twice your speed for 1d4 turns. 
10. Potion of Recovery: End any one condition that a Save could end
11. Potion of Extra-Healing: Regain 2d8 HP
12. Holy Water: A vial of Holy Water does 1d6 damage against undead. 
13. Potion of Animal Control: Control a single animal for 1d6 turns
14. Potion of Fire Resistance: Lasts for 1d6 turns
15. Potion of Undead Control: Control 1d6 undead for 1d6 turns
16. Dragon’s Breath Elixir: Attack each monster on your tile at +6, for 1d8 dmg

Cool, some magical item, roll 2d6
2. Crystal Ball: Explore any unexplored edge from anywhere on the board.
3. Wand of Magic Missiles: 3d6 charges, 1d6 damage each. 
4. Glyph of Warding: Place the glyph on any tile. The first monster to enter that tile takes 2d8 damage.
5.Wand of Fireballs: 2d6 charges; 2d6 dmg to everyone on a single tile, save halves
6. Staff of the Elements: +2 to damage with spells
7. Thieves’ Tools: +4 to thievery checks
8. Wand of Magic Missiles: 3d6 charges, 1d6 damage each. 
9. Thunderstrike Staff: Cast lightning bolt at will (+4 to hit; range 10; 1d10 dmg)
10. Wand of Frost: 2d6 charges; freeze a creature in place, save ends
11. Necklace of Fireballs: Attack each monster on a tile within 5 squares. Ranged attack +3, 2d8 damage. 1d6 fireballs on the necklace
12. Tome of Experience: Gain a level between quests. 

A magic weapon? Awesome! Roll 2d6!
2. Holy Avenger: Longsword +2, +5 vs Undead
3. Vorpal Sword: +2 to hit and to damage, Critical damage on a natural 18 or higher
4. Elven Shortbow +1 (+3 if wielded by an elf)
5. Blessed Mace +1 (+3 if wielded by a cleric)
6. Longsword +1
7. Morningstar +1
8. Hoopak (Staff w/sling at top) +1 (+3 if wielded by a halfing)
9. Dwarven Battleaxe +1 (+3 if wielded by a dwarf)
10. Vampiric Dagger +1 (regain 1d6 HP on a critical hit)
11. Dragontooth Spear +2 (+5 to hit and damage vs Dragons)
12. Vengeful Battleaxe +2 to hit (+4 if target has hurt you)

As far as the monsters are concerned, I have gone through and made stats for all the monsters I plan to use in the game, and will be printing out cards from Magic Set Editor. I think I've accomplished my goals and then some. We'll be playtesting, hopefully, later this week. 

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