Friday, December 16, 2011

The Minions are Getting Restless

The minions are really excited and pumped to play Castle Ravenloft using the Microlite rules. And by really excited, I mean it was all they were talking about after I asked them about it. Furthermore, the two oldest children, as chance would have it, each have a friend spending the night tonight, and those friends will undoubtedly want to play. 

So much for taking my time and preparing. Here's to winging it! 

My plan is to have children start rolling their new 1st level characters as soon as I get home. They all already know what they want to be: a tiefling thief, a half-elf druid, a human cleric, and an elf fighter. The elf paladin is subject to a dozen mind-changes over the course of the day, but at the moment, elf paladin it is. The other visiting children will play fighters of some sort, as they have never played any type of D&D before. 

I did have one thought concerning the Encounter cards. In the Rules as Written for the board game, an Encounter card is drawn whenever a new tile is placed that has a black triangle, or when a player does not explore a new tile on their turn. My gut instinct is to tone this down for the Microlite rules, and make it more random. So, I will have a special D12 set aside. On the first player's turn, it will be set to 1, and I will roll another D12. If I roll a 1, an Encounter card will be drawn. Otherwise, no Encounter card. On the next player's turn, the special D12 turns up to 2, and I roll. On a 1 or a 2, we draw an Encounter card. And so on and so forth. Whenever an Encounter card is drawn, the special D12 goes back to 1. We'll see how it goes. I can always make the dice smaller. 

I'm still going to have to adjudicate the card drawn on the fly. There's not really any way around that at this point. But no matter what, it'll still be good D&D fun. 

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