Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eladrin for Microlite74

Eladrin, as introduced in Type IV D&D, are elves with stronger ties to the Feywild than "normal" elves. They are more akin to the "High Elves" typical in fantasy literature, while Type IV's Elf race falls more towards the "Wood Elves" or something of that nature.

What sets Eladrin apart in Type IV is their "Fey Step" ability, which is basically a short-range teleportation ability. This is fairly easy to port to Microlite, and I present my mod below.

Eladrin get +1 to DEX and +1 to CHA. Experience Base modifier of +7. Special Abilities: Can use elf-made magic armor and magic weapons even as a magic-user or illusionist. Note secret/hidden doors (D20+Mind bonus; DC 12 if carefully checking, DC 16 if just passing through); spend 2 HP to teleport instantly to a location you can see within 50 feet; speak languages of elves and other fey creatures.

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