Sunday, April 10, 2011

Contents of a beholder's bag of holding

In PDF form, cards

For my 4E group, the contents of the bag of holding they have just taken from the lair of the beholder.

This beholder had probably just recently taken out a group of adventurers, as the contents of its bag of holding contains several items that are quite useful for our heroes.

They have found 4 potions of healing and a variety of alchemical concoctions. There is a Cask of Liquid Gold, Gloves of Recovery, Claw Gloves, and a Map of Unseen Lands.  There is also a set of musical instruments (a djimbe drum, a flute, a horn, a lute, and a lyre) that are all wildly out of tune but when played together sound quite strangely in-tune somehow, and several pieces of artwork.  There are twelve statues and twenty-two paintings of mind-flayers dressed up as circus clowns, and they are all clearly the work of the same (mad) artist.


  1. Oh no! When the stars are right madmen, poets and artists will share dreams with the one who sleeps dead but dreaming in the city beneath the waves. I would gtfo of there if I was one of those players, maybe hop a portal out of the prime material and lay low for a while.

  2. @ Pierce: LMFAO! Oh yes, they could be in for quite a trip, but there won't be any plane-hopping quite yet. Personally I can't wait to see just what they make of those things...