Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wrath of Gravestorm!

So, me and my 7-year-old stepdaughter went for an expedition into Castle Ravenloft last night. We attempted to find and slay the Dracolich "Gravestorm". We found him all right. Sadly, we failed to slay him, even after destroying his phylactery (which, by the way, my stepdaughter was able to pronounce perfectly!). She played the elven paladin from Wrath of Ashardalon. I played a homebrewed character, Ninjadorg's samurai. Things were pretty smooth sailing to begin. A lot of 1xp monsters came our way, and they were largely easy pickings. My samurai leveled up on a natural 20 early on. We got some good treasure, too. 

Things were going well. A little too well...

Everything went downhill as soon as we found Gravestorm. A spear trap activated. Followed by an alarm, which immediately started summoning monsters. I had the Thieves' Kit, and got the alarm deactivated, but not before it had summoned a 3xp Gargoyle. My daughter made it across the board to destory the phylactery, but when she made it back to fight the Dracolich we were very quickly surrounded by the Gargoyle, a Ghoul, and two blazing skeletons, all creatures that do damage even when they miss. We did manage to get Gravestorm down to his last three hit points, but we were out of healing surges and fell quickly. We're fixing to try again with a different set of characters. 

I liked playing the homebrewed Samurai (go see The paladin, who is from Wrath of Ashardalon, definitely held her own. We probably could have won, had the monster cards come out in a different order. Regardless, we had fun, with lots of tense moments there at the end, and my stepdaughter really wants to play again. Hopefully the rest of the children won't be bogged down with too much schoolwork and will be able to join us next time. It would have been better if there were more heroes on the board. 

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