Saturday, April 23, 2011

Islands in the Sky: People of Verys Hiladian, Part 1

Here are five of the characters that can be found on the island of Verys Hiladian as we begin our game. Please note that I do not own any of the images on the cards. WotC owns most of them, I think, but some belong to other people. Regardless, I'm using them anyway for my home game. Now, without further ado, and in alphabetical order, the personalities of Verys Hiladian. 

Arsenal is a warforged blacksmith. He is the only smithy on Verys Hiladian that makes weapons of any kind, and they are all for the sole use of the island's defense. He takes everything said to him quite literally, especially figures of speech and sarcasm.

Andros, Terran and Trite are the halfing owners of a magic item shop of the same name that specializes in items that allow for long-distance communication. Crystal balls, ear pieces, and all other manner of devices are made and sold here.  They do a robust business installing these devices on airships that pass through Verys Hiladian as well.  Andros is the male and Trite is the female, and no one has ever seen Terran.  They are all siblings.  They have a bad habit of changing prices on customers mid-sale, by adding on services and such, but they mean well, and they have the best products.  

Avenger (one of our PCs, played by Kevin) is a Revenant, sent back by the Raven Queen for some as-yet unrevealed purpose.  He awoke on the island of Verys Hiladian in the Chapel of the Raven Queen, and was found by the druid Khaledra and the ranger Tarak during their morning rounds.  He was a Shadar-Kai in his former life.  The island he lived on was conquered by the Dragonborn Empire of New Arkhosia.  He was part of the resistance, but was captured, tortured, and killed.

Barred is a Shardmind and the owner of Barred's Beacons, where he makes airship and island beacons.  These magical devices allow airships to "see" faraway islands that have installed beacons. Barred has difficulty turning off his mind-reading abilities and knows a lot of everyone's dirty laundry.

Boldrick works with Arsenal at the weaponsmith, crafting the magical weapons that enable Verys Hiladian to defend itself.  He has an appetite for ale that is a bit too healthy, but the weapons and armor he forges are all top-notch, masterwork pieces. 

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