Monday, April 25, 2011

Islands in the Sky: People of Verys Hiladian, Part 2

And continuing on with this series... hopefully some of you find a use for some of these! If people are interested, I can make a PDF of all of them available for download. 

Davril is a retired Satyr ranger who has long been a guardian of Verys Hiladian. He has lived there his whole life, and when Tarak arrived, took the orphan under his wing and taught him the ways of the forest. Their relationship was never father-and-son, but rather master and apprentice.  Once Davril had taught Tarak all he could, Davril was finally able to retire. He has no house on Verys Hiladian, but lives simply amongst the trees and animals of the woods.

Ember (one of our PCs) is a Firesoul Genasi Swordmage. Ember learned from an early age not only how to control his elemental powers, but to channel them through an item, and the path of the Swordmage came naturally to him. Most of his life was one of peaceful work; he has a gift for enchanting items, particularly with elemental energies. A year ago, the island on which he was raised, Farhome, was invaded and conquered by the New Arkhosian Empire. He was one of the lucky ones who escaped with his life. Many of his old friends and a few family members are still there, enslaved by the Dragonborn.

Griffendian is an eladrin with a knack for training griffons. He has been doing so for many years, and every griffon in Verys Hiladian's Air Defense Corps was trained by him. His aerie is carved into the side of the island, and all the young griffons still being trained are housed down there. Fully trained griffons who are part of the Air Defense Corps reside in a stable near the airdocks. Griff is very protective of his griffons. He is generally more comfortable around the beasts than he is around other people. 

The Ice Queen (another of our PCs) is an Elf Ranger who wields a frostbow. Like Ember, she is also from the conquered island Farhome; she and Ember narrowly escaped with their lives on the night of the Dragonborn attack. Together, they and several others found Verys Hiladian, and the island offered them refuge.  She is called "The Ice Queen" for her affinity for the cold elements and her skill with the frostbow. She does not know her true name; she awoke one morning on the island of Farhome with amnesia, a stranger in a strange land, but the genasi there took her in and helped her.

Kalistros is a Kalashtar, and operates a magic item shop called "Flying Carpets and More" where she sells the many magic items she spends her nights dreaming up and crafting.  Many of them are strange, few of them have any functional use, most of them can be quite entertaining in the right hands, and she hasn't crafted a Flying Carpet in decades. She often speaks in riddles and verse, and usually has a faraway look in her eyes. 

Kelana Dhoram is an Elf wizard and a very accomplished alchemist. She operated a little shop called the Potion Panty. She is very outgoing for an elf and is known all around town for throwing the best parties. Whether this is because of the force of her personality or the contents of the punch bowl is a matter of heated debate in certain circles. 

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