Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Fun with Magic Set Editor

I love using Magic Set Editor to create Magic: the Gathering type cards for use in my D&D games. My players get custom-made cards for their magical items, quests, clues, NPCs, and all kinds of other goodies.

Here is a PDF file that features the standard races and classes for Microlite74, in full-text card form, for easy reference for players at the table.

Here is a Magic Set Editor file that contains the cards in the PDF above, as well as cards for PCs (basically four cards to make up a character sheet) and three additional races that I have featured here on the blog: Tieflings, Dragonborn, and Eladrin. This file is useless without the Magic Set Editor program, which is available free at the above link.

Note: the text on these cards are pulled straight from the M74 Extended rules document. The gnome card includes my houseruled MIND attribute bonus instead of the original STR bonus. I'm making no claim to copyright or any bullshit like that. This is just an aid for your M74 Extended game.


  1. 1. Need some cool images.
    2. Too much info on each card. Need to parse out the information into bite-sized pieces. Special abilities should each be on their own cards. It would be cool if there were a range to choose from. For example, there could be 7 elf special abilities, but you can only select two.

    I loved that card you did for magic mouth.

  2. Thanks for the comment Aaron. The general idea was to have all the info for each race and class on a single card for easy player/DM reference at the table during play. I try to find images when I have item cards to hand out to my players, but time constraints often get in the way of that as well.

    What's funny is that what you're suggesting is exactly what I did with my Type-IV character when I played in the last season of Encounters at my FLGS. It worked pretty well for that. Microlite74 is very rules-lite. I think once you get into have several abilities for each race and class to choose from, you start getting into possible munchkin/system expertise territory and CharGen starts dragging on too long, like it does in Type-III and IV D&D.

  3. Ah, we're thinking about two different uses.

    You're looking for a summary.

    I'm looking for a convenient, tactile tool for managing character skills and possessions.

    I play a game called Magic Realm, where all of the game elements tend to have their own cards and counters.

    Let me give you an example of what i'm talking about for your cards.

    The cleric card says they can only use light/medium armor and no edged weapons. Cleric cards are white.

    Rather than printing that information on the cleric card, you print all of his available weapons and armor on white cards. Since he can only use white cards, (and there are no white "heavy armor" or "edged weapon" cards) you have accomplished the same task.

    Rather than checking the summary card, determining that he cannot have edged weapons, and writing down "mace" on a character sheet, the player grabs a white mace card and puts that in front of him, as his weapon. He grabs a white chainmail armor card and places that in front as his armor. And so on.

  4. I get ya. That is similar to what I was going for with my little "Deck of Many Heroes" project. I may have to revisit that soon. Thanks again for the comments! I expect I'll be making a lot more cards in the future.

  5. I think these are great, Sully.

    @Aaron, having to track all those cards and counters is one of the reasons why my copy of The Magic Realm has set on the shelf more than it probably should have. I've really wanted to like it all these years, but it is such a pain to setup and actually play.

  6. Images? Someone needs images? Hmm... I think that can be arranged...

    ...I'm looking into this MSE, with the idea of creating images for cards more than I am anything else...

    ...Catch me on the M20 Forums, I'm Sudsy.

  7. To get images on this particular set of cards, I would have to start cutting out information. I did make a set of Boon Cards that do have art, however, that are posted here.

    I'm definitely interested in seeing what you come up with, however. I'm a big fan of using these cards for magic items, and they look a lot better with art on them.