Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year!

Everyone else is doing it, and while I find these posts to be boring as hell, it's probably good for me to look back on the year, take stock of my progress, and figure out just where the blog is headed in the next twelve months. I already did this once when I hit 100 posts, and then after that, my posting frequency started slacking off pretty badly. We're going to avoid that this time around.

In a couple of weeks, it'll be the one-year birthday of this blog! Hard to believe how quickly the time flies, but it does. So, what can you all expect from A Pack of Gnolls (and sister blogs, ImperialRuin and YourDungeonisRock) in the coming year? More reports and tips on gaming with kids, for one. Plenty more cards from MagicSetEditor for use at your gaming tables. Lots of Microlite74 material. I may even try my hand at some adventure/setting material. Imperial Ruin will continue to explore the Nentir Vale, Microlite74-style, and YourDungeonisRock is getting rolling again, highlighting the other blogs I come across who are putting out some really good stuff.

So, here's to 2012! Here's hoping the world doesn't end.

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