Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Death of FourthCore? Say it ain't so!

Over at SaveVersusDeath.com, Sersa has made the announcement that he is finished with his Dungeons and Dragons "Fourthcore" work. I don't know Sersa, but I have a mighty respect for the work he's done with Fourthcore, which is his design philosophy for adventures within the 4E D&D ruleset.. His announcement, pretty quickly, garnered numerous comments on the SaveVersusDeath blog, including one from yours truly. His work certainly caused a stir in the 4E community, but I only ever saw positive things (until today, over at the At-Will webchat, but that was just one jerk who really didn't get what Fourthcore is about) mentioned about it. In fact, this fall, Wizards of the Coast is implementing a new, weekly, organized play event that, for all intents and purposes, is clearly inspired by the Fourthcore material Sersa has written.

Now, my regular readers know that my gaming time is rare these days. I have not yet had a chance to run any Fourthcore material. I did review Revenge of the Iron Lich and I loved it. Fourthcore is for elite DMs and players, and definitely not for the squeamish. Everyone has to be on their toes and must bring their A-game. I wish like hell I could come up with some of this type of stuff. I'm going to try, dammit. There are numerous bloggers and others who are determined to keep producing Fourthcore material, because it's more than just one guy. He's influenced a lot of 4E game tables in a lot of ways. He certainly has opened my eyes to the possibilities inherent within the D&D 4E system.

I would like to see Fourthcore continue. I can't officially throw my hat in the Fourthcore arena until I produce some proper content that matches up with the Fourthcore design philosophy. It'll probably be about gnolls.


  1. I get the impression that there will be others to carry on FourthCore's goodness.

    Looking forward to reading more about Wrath.

  2. We will... Like I posted on my blog, fourthcore isn't "new". It's just being updated to 4E. I think the ground work he laid out was pretty spot on, and it's really just about content and consistency at this point.