Thursday, June 23, 2011

Free RPG Day Review and Giveaway: D&D 4E Domain of Dread: Histaven

This is the first of a series of reviews and giveaways of my FreeRPGDay haul! So leave a comment below if you want a shot at getting this copy of Dungeons & Dragons 4e Domain of Dread: Histaven. Note that if you live outside the United States, I must request that you pay for shipping. More details here!

I'm going to say right up front that I really like these 14 free pages. I haven't even read my new Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond yet, which Domain of Dread: Histaven is supplementary to, but this little booklet is exactly what a 4e module should look like.

There are no balanced encounters here. There are no tactical maps. There are stat-blocks, there is a chilling, deep story that must be solved by roleplaying and not combat, with numerous facets that can be discovered in multiple ways, and just enough sideways treks, distractions, and red herrings to keep your players curious and asking questions.

It's very similar to the "Vor Rukoth" adventure setting in that regard, but more elegant in its focus and simplicity. Erik Scott de Bie has done a fine job writing this. It is well thought out and perfectly delivered.

I was totally expecting some worthless 3-combat delve with a shadowfell twist to it. Domain of Dread: Histaven is just the opposite. This little module exemplifies everything the Shadowfell should be about; and I haven't even read Gloomwrought and Beyond yet!


  1. Ugh, do want Shadowfell adventures, especially Ravenloft-esque ones. Bloodsand Arena from last year's Free RPG day was fabulous but I had work this year.

  2. I didn't think this was an adventure at all; now that I know more about it, I'm intrigued! Consider me entered.

  3. Sounds awesome. I wish I was somewhere near an FLGS so I could go and actually enjoy this every year. Haven't been able to make it to a single one yet...

  4. I don't have an FLGS anywhere near, and this adventure sounds pretty nice.
    Sign me up!

  5. Me, too. The closest Free RPG site was 3 hours away!

  6. Normally the WOTC freebies have been useful to mine for combat encounters but boring. This has intrigued me - and with the recent article on the wizard's website about the changing direction of adventure design, this is a very good sign.

  7. Okay people, I rolled a 1 on a d6 which means that lindevi is our winner! Congrats! Send an email to

    sully33 (at) gmail (dot) com

    with an address I can ship this booklet to!