Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspiration comes in many forms.  Today, it came in the form of a typo.  Ameron over at Dungeon's Master had this excellent article today about henchmen in 4e, and this was the original opening sentence: 

"As your character earns enough XP and gains sufficient level doesn't it make sense that he'd start to attack some of his followers?" 

Now, I'm quite certain that Ameron meant "attract" and not "attack" but it definitely gave me a good laugh and got my creative juices flowing.  I mean, really, if your followers were completely obnoxious, why not attack them? This idea could make for a really good circumstantial villain.  I'm thinking a paladin who gets fed up with whiny, weak parishioners who keep needing things from him.  One day he just can't handle it any more, and snaps.  Starts cutting people down in the temple.  Completely loses it and goes berserk.  He must be stopped!  

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