Monday, January 31, 2011

Islands in the Sky

Since I'm starting up a new campaign pretty soon, so here's an overview of the new campaign setting.

Millenia ago, there was a great and terrible war of aggression across the land, as two mighty human kingdoms sought to reign supreme over all the land. The war ravaged the lands, drawing in all other countries and peoples, until the whole world was embroiled in combat.

War destroyed much of the land and millions of people. In an effort to bring the terrible war to an end, elven magi, in conunction with wizards, sorcerers, and warlocks from every affected nation, devised a final solution, and carried it out. The land was all ripped asunder and hurled into the sky, and in the sky, it all remains. Most of humanity was washed away in the aftermath of the rending of the earth. To this day, humans are considered evil and dangerous, and are generally killed on sight, although none have been seen in ages.

The islands in the sky are always in motion, although their movements do not seem to be orbital or anything else that can be mathematically deduced.

There are several large motes that are several miles across, and hundreds, if not thousands, of smaller islands, most no larger than a thousand feet across.

There are airships that travel from mote to mote, facilitating trade between islands. Each major island has a magical beacon that allows specially equipped airships to locate them as they move through the skies.

Next up, our PC's starting island, and an overview of some of the major islands in the sky.


  1. Sounds like Sundered Skies--It's the Savage Worlds campaign setting i've just started running with my group. What rule system will you be using?

  2. D&D 4e is the system I'm currently invested pretty heavily in, so that's what we will be playing. I will definitely check out Sundered Skies, though, to see how much fluff I can steal outright! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Nifty! I rand a game called Cloudlands about 10 years ago that featured floating "islands in the sky" as well. It was more diesel-punk in tech level but still very much in the spirit of D&D. I look forward to reading more about your setting.