Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Legend of Zelda 4E Great Deku Tree Monsters

Let us say that, when fighting monsters, Link and Zelda must do ten points of damage in a single hit to deplete a monster's heart point. To start, that is their average damage.  Less than ten points results in a stun but no loss of a heart. 

Which means that easy monsters should have 1 heart, tougher monsters should have 2 or 3, and the mini-boss should have 5 or 6.  (We’ll talk about dungeon bosses later)

Let’s take a look at the Great Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time as inspiration for our first dungeon adventure.  I picked four different monsters to populate this (very basic and beginner) dungeon: Keese, Skulltulla, Deku Baba, and Baby Gohma. 

The monster’s name is across the top.  Their number of hearts is at the top right.  Just beneath the picture is a list of defenses.  In the text box is movement, their attack, and any special notes.  Please note that these cards are for the DM side of the screen only. 

The mini-boss for the first dungeon’s item room will probably be a couple Skulltullas and a whole mess of Baby Gohmas and Keese.  Up next will be a dungeon map and write up for the Boss!  And maybe a little discussion on the potential plotline.  

Any thoughts, critiques, suggestions out there?  All comments are most welcome! 

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  1. hold on! those are legend of zelda themed magic cards that have dungeons and dragons states...