Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monster Vault: Fluff Galore!

One thing I really, really liked about the Monster Vault was that, in addition to the stat blocks and tactical descriptions, it came chock full of a whole lot of fluffy story-telling nuggets to help DMs craft something more interesting than the old "attacked by bandits on the road" bit.  

It also came chock full of names for NPCs.  I recognized a couple from The Keep on the Shadowfell, notably Kalarel, the main villain, and Salvana Wrafton, the innkeeper in Winterhaven.  But there were a whole lot more, too.  What's more is that they are generally "quoted" talking about this or that monster, which definitely helps bring the creatures to life.  

So without further ado, and to help everyone out with their game, here's a list of all the NPCs "quoted" in the Essentials Monster Vault.  

Andravar, angel of Vecna
Baredd, Champion of Argent
Lathras, Mage of Saruun
Kathra, wizard of Haven
Adrin of Tiri Kitor
Lord Soth
Kalaban, death knight of Nerath
Nimozaran, Septarch of Fallcrest
Rhogar, paladin of Bahamut
Valthrun the Prescient
Douven Staul
Aunn, doppleganger spy
Jothan Ironspell
Vadania, druid of the Harkenwood
Azarax, drider of Erelhei-Cinlu
Galados of Celduilon
Boldrik of Hammerfast
Obanar, guardian of Argent
Shemeshka the Marauder
Janic of the Harkenwood
Matron Urlvrain of Phaervorul
Gurgnash, ettin
Verinn, paladin of the Raven Queen
Noldir of Hammerfast
Moorin of Fallcrest
Kristryd, paladin of Moradin
Philaster of Hestavar
Egeira of Moonstair
Anastrianna of Mithrendain
Grukik, goblin cutthroat
Drellin the Mad
Archimandrius of Vor Rukoth
Korrigan, green hag of the Mistmarsh
Jarett Farwhere
Vyndra Sysvani of Mithrendain
Mari Valmidren, cleric of Ioun
Anders Partieren of Fallcrest
Salvana Wrafton of Winterhaven
Kelana Dhoram, mayor of Moonstair
Vadriar the Sage
Malaphar of the Golden Wyvern
Deric Widewanderer
Uldane of Winterhaven
Rothar of the Seven-Pillared Hall
Caiphas, paladin of Pelor
Oak Warden Sharasta
Zardkeran of Forgehome
Ashatra, rakshasa mage
Agroth of the Winterbole
Tennaris of Silver Spire
Kalarel, Scion of Orcus
Shara of Winterhaven
Rallaferanishad, treant of the Wild Grove
Kalistros of Maelbrathyr
Harbek of Hammerfast
Elior of Harkenwold
Terevan of Celduilon
Vastrana, yuan-ti malison
Farren Windhowler, ranger of the Harken Forest
Oakley, knight of Therund
Mardred of Hammerfast
Corrin Riverwander

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