Sunday, January 16, 2011

Legend of Zelda, 4E Style

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition, Sullivan Houserules


I am developing these 4E Houserules as a way to teach my oldest two children, K and A, the game of Dungeons and Dragons without totally overwhelming them with options and rules.  The basics of the game are still here: Ability Scores, Skills, Initiative, Powers for combat, and the Core Mechanic of rolling a D20, adding a modifier and trying to get a certain number. 

Since K and A are a boy and a girl, the two characters in the game are Link and Zelda, Link being a martial hero and Zelda being a magic-user.  Puzzles and combat will go easier if the two of them work together and cooperate, rather than try to do their own thing (which, knowing these two, will probably be a challenge in and of itself!). 

At the bottom of this post is download links for the Link and Zelda basic character sheets.  What follows is a basic explanation of everything on the sheets. 

Hit Points are replaced with Hearts.  Link and Zelda each start with 3 Hearts.  Pieces of Heart can be found by completing small sidequests throughout the game, and also in certain treasure chests in Dungeons.  Full Hearts are dropped by boss monsters at the end of each dungeon. Four Pieces of Heart must be collected to form a full Heart.  Link and Zelda gain Hearts together

Ability Scores
Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma.  Use the following ability scores 18, 16, 16, 14, 12, 12.  The modifiers are the same as in the Rules Compendium page 63.

½ Level Rule
The ½ Level modifier is replaced by the Number of Hearts the PC has accumulated.

Link and Zelda each have a Speed of 6

Initiative=D20+Dex total

Armor Class: 10+Dex total
Fortitude: 10+Str or Con total
Reflex: 10+Dex or Int total
Willpower: 10+Wis or Cha total

Skills: Link and Zelda are trained in 5 skills. Skills are modified by the Total Bonus from the skill’s Associated Ability and Training.

Magic Items
Each PC has the following magic item slots: Head, Neck, Arms, Hands, 2 Rings, Waist, and Feet. 

Link and Zelda each get three at-will combat powers and one recharge power to start.  Further powers must be learned in the course of the play.  There are no “daily” powers. “Recharge” powers require a certain number of successful hits with at-will powers to “charge”. 

Up Next: Link and Zelda’s starting power cards!  

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