Thursday, February 24, 2011

4E Character Sheets on Legal Paper

So, in preparation for my new D&D game that will be starting in March, I went looking for some 4E character sheets out on the 'nets.  Specifically, I was looking for character sheets formatted to fit on 8.5x14 inch (legal) paper, mostly because I have a few reams of the stuff that I would like to use, and thought that size would work well for D&D.
My search proved fruitless, however, so I hunkered down on Excel and did it myself.  I started with another Excel character sheet I'd downloaded from a long-forgotten source (I believe it was posted either on EnWorld or the WotC forums).  The original worked pretty well, and I kept a lot of the functions in place.  This allows you to easily level up; changing the number of the level, on an even level, causes everything effected by a "+1/2 level" modifier to change appropriately.  All the skills and defenses are linked to their appropriate abilities.
Please note that I took out the section for "Equipped Magic Items" because I use custom card hand-outs for all magic items the players receive in-game.  I also use similar cards for Action Points, so there's nowhere to record how many of those you might have.
I made two different sheets, one in Landscape Orientation and the other in Portrait Orientation. Let me know what you think!

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