Monday, February 14, 2011

Island in the Sky: Myth Aerial

Myth Aerial is the home of the Eladrin. It is an earthmote of about a hundred square miles on the surface, all of it covered in Feywild forest. The trees grow larger towards the center, and one gargantuan hollow tree in the middle serves as a castle of sorts, where Queen Zdena holds her lonely court. 

There are only a few hundred eladrin in Myth Aerial. The eldest among them, twenty-two of them, were around when the Islands in the Sky were ripped from the earth, and the sin of humanity was washed away. These eladrin are all of noble blood and all can be considered paragon-tier, leveled adventurers. There are no common eladrin in Myth Aerial. 

Myth Aerial is highly defended with the powerful mythals that protect all eladrin cities. Magical wards abound; the eladrin will never be caught off guard by surprise attackers. 

The eladrin of Myth Aerial trade openly with those they trust. Trusted merchants are given a writ of passage that allows them to land on the island. The eladrin do not need to trade to survive, but do so out of a sense of tradition. 

The island itself is very much an extension of the Feywild. Fey creatures and magic abound; it is very difficult to find one's way around without a guide. 

Myth Aerial is one of very few Islands that has buildings that predate the Rending of the Earth. The Tower of the Tree, the massive central structure on Myth Aerial, is an ancient eladrin relic in and of itself. Some say that the great and terrible ritual that caused the Rending of the Earth was cast from the Tower of the Tree. This is only partially true. 

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