Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pack of Pirate Gnolls

Ahoy matey! You thought Gnolls were scary when they were riding dinosaurs around? I'll show you scary! Jam a hundred of those filth-ridden bastards on an airship to raid the skies, now that's scary! 

Captain Blacktooth is a big nasty gnoll with a flair for the dramatic and a taste for flesh. Specifically, he thinks halfling flesh is the most tender, tastiest morsels he's ever ripped off a bone. Blacktooth is probably the most well-dressed gnoll you'll ever meet, as befits someone of his station, being Captain of one of the most feared skyships ever to pirate through the clouds: the Vulture. 

The Vulture was once an elegant eladrin Cloudskipper, the Peregrine, until Blacktooth captured it in a daring midair raid. He slew every last eladrin on board and took the ship as his own, corrupting its very nature with his presence alone. Ever since he has terrorized the skies. 

The Vulture has a crew of some hundred and fifty battle hardened gnolls. They are loyal to Blacktooth to the death. When not out pirating the skies, they can typically be found on the Crag, a pirate haven and generally lawless island. 

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