Sunday, February 27, 2011

D&D the CCG: Old School Inspiration: Deck of Many Things

So, while perusing Save Versus Death I came across his new Saturday Night Delve called "Revenge of the Iron Lich".  There was another post about using the "Deck of Many Things" in that delve and I thought I really ought to make my own Deck of Many Things using Magic Set Editor. I cracked open my AD&D 2E Dungeon Master Guide and started putting the deck together.  Here are some examples.

First of all, the art is obviously stolen from a variety of sources around the internets.  I would like to be able to give away a PDF file of these cards for people to use in their home games. Since my blog here is non-commercial, and I wouldn't be selling them in any way, is it okay to use art like that?  I feel like I'm probably stepping on peoples' copyrights a bit. So, the question I have for any Old School gamers who would like a printable Deck of Many Things is this: should I make a full deck with artwork and make it available as a PDF, or should I direct you to Magic Set Editor and make my Deck of Many Things file available without artwork, so you can insert your own?

Or, even better, can anyone direct me to some old-schoolish art that would be available for free-use somewhere?

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  1. Crediting artwork where used is always good - if in doubt about copyrights look for stuff that's available under Creative Commons.

    As for format, do both. Those with the Magic Set editor can use it, those who haven't the time or inclination can go straight to the PDF.