Wednesday, February 23, 2011

D&D the CCG: Let's Get Rid of Powers

I’m thinking of getting rid of combat powers for this card-based system.  The different powers and their various afflictions, choosing what to use, and keeping track of everything, are a lot of what slows down combat in 4E. Tactical considerations are an important part of the game, and can certainly be incorporated without overly-complicated powers.  

My system so far has no levels, as per traditional D&D, and instead growing more powerful is done through purchase of feats and skills with accumulated experience points. So instead of forcing players to buy combat powers every time they gain enough experience to train new abilities, we can simply allow them to purchase feats that gives them the option of inflicting different status ailments on their enemies in combat with their attacks.  Basically emulate a lot of the effects of higher level combat powers but do so through their “Basic Melee Attack” or “Basic Ranged Attack.”  

Getting rid of powers also has the added bonus of freeing me from a lot of copy-paste work.  This also would mean that I could take a lot of this work, and with a little creative energy, actually give it away as as system to people and not be worried about a cease-and-desist letter from WotC.  So basically what I’m shooting for is new-school options and customization, while retaining the old-school feel of things.  We’re bridging the Great Divide here people!

It also occurs to me that I should find a better name for it than D&D the CCG.  What originally started out as a theory on WotC’s next edition of D&D has become my very own Frankenstein monster, but I’m cool with that.  Any ideas?

Also, allow me to make something very clear.  What I’m building is not a Collectible Card Game with booster packs.  Every available card would be included.  This is purely a way of building a character for a D&D-type fantasy role playing game using only cards instead of a character sheet.  

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