Friday, February 11, 2011

PvP Shenanigans

A Memorable Session

This happened over a year ago, in a game of Dragonquest. We had a pretty interesting group going on. This was our GM's first campaign, and we didn't take it easy on him. Trial by fire, I suppose. We never gave any of us a free pass. 

Anyways, we had D playing an amnesiac elf-girl who turns out to be an assassin-princess (yeah, he got most of the plot cookies, but that was cool). 

J was playing some type of half-undead spellcaster whose familiar was an undead ferret with a broken neck. 

B was playing a magic-using elf who was primarily a jerk. 

P had a good old-fashioned human fighter, as i recall. 

And I was playing a crazy human with electrical-type abilities who got them after being struck by lightning. He was convinced he was the god Thor and told everyone exactly that. Warhammer, helmet and all. 

So we got wind of a rumor a coastal town was being terrorized by flesh-eating doppleganger demons. We went to check it out. One of the problems with the dopplegangers was that it was impossible to tell who was real and who was fake until they were dead; a dead doppleganger basically turned into goo. Apparently the demons had been eating people, adopting their likenesses, infiltrating their homes and then eating the rest of their families. 

It occurred to us that we needed a password system in case we got separated, to make sure none of us were actually dopplegangers in disguise. So we got to town, did a little investigating, fought and killed a doppleganger and then retired to the inn for the night. We three rooms at the inn; one for the elfgirl-assassin-princess, and one for me and B, and one for P and J. 

Shenanigans ensued. B the elf and J the undead had developed a mutual enmity; the elf didn't like the whole undead necromancer thing. While P was on watch outside and my character was fast asleep, B went out and started to cast a ritual of animal control in an attempt to bind J's familiar to himself. 

B failed. Critically. In Dragonquest, a critical failure on a spell (roll of 99 or 00 on D100), resulted in possible backfire. B backfired. The result of this backfire: loss of memory of the past d10 days. Confused and in a strange place in the middle of the night B's character started calling out for Thor. My character awoke and went to the door and calmly asked B what the password was. B's character had no idea about any password, and Thor let loose a cry to the rest of the team that the dopplegangers had gotten B's character. Thor grabbed his warhammer, threw open the door and attacked. We wound up chasing B through town. We even cornered him and gave him a chance to explain himself, which he proved unable to do due to the amnesia, and then we cut him to pieces. 

Needless to say, he didn't turn to goo. 

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