Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Islands in the Sky: New Arkhosia

I know I said I would post up some more of the D&D the CCG cards, but I'm still working on it. I would like to have a full first level character put together to post up. This will require a bit more work.

In the meantime, I have an overview of another Island in the Sky for my eponymous campaign, which should be getting started in the first weekend of March.

New Arkhosia

New Arkhosia is the new Dragonborn empire. They are collecting islands and binding them to their large central mote, and have developed a means of magical propulsion to control the movement of New Arkhosia. 

New Arkhosia has a population of almost ten thousand dragonborn, and another twenty thousand subjects, primarily dwarves, goblinoids, lizardfolk and a smattering of other races. 

The dragonborn are militant imperialists, and are led by Emperor Drakkon the Red. There is an elected Senate, which largely serves to rubber-stamp the decrees of Drakkon. 

The main island is a testament to dragonborn militarism in every aspect. Barracks, smithies, training grounds, everything built with precision, simplicity, and purpose. 

New Arkhosia has mastered the magic of controlling the movement of its earthmotes. An eldritch engine deep in the bowels of the main island powers the movement of New Arkhosia, and also helps bind the other islands to the central mote. When they conquer a new island, the magic helps move it into place, and they build several bridges to connect and further bind them.  

The dragonborn also build powerful, fast airships. They are fully capable of not only defending their airspace from threats but also launching raids and invasions of islands they desire to bind to them. 

In the five years since Drakkon the Red took over the senate and cast himself as Emperor, the newly militant New Arkhosia has bound 72 islands to itself, some large, some small, all populated and rich in resources. Each individual island has its own Dragonborn Overlord. Most are cruel bastards who rule their domain with an iron fist. Certain islands are better assignments than others. All Overlords serve at the pleasure of the Emperor. To fail is to die. 

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