Saturday, February 19, 2011

D&D the CCG: Ritual Cards

Over here there was a request for 4E Ritual cards.  Here's an example of one I'm fixing to use in my game.

Granted, this one is a pretty simple one with a limited amount of text, so it fits nicely on the card.  I also have to wonder how much of the information is really necessary to have right at a player's fingertips.  Market value? Category?  Hell, even casting time?  Anyway, I'd be happy to make more.  A lot of the rituals have considerably more text, so something a little more simple may be in order.


  1. Nice job! Did you use a card-making program to design this?

  2. Hey Sully,

    I just took a look at the post you Hered everyone to. They look awesome! Are these cards some of the examples you were talking about?

  3. @Paladin: I use a program called "Magic Set Editor" for making these cards. I print out two to a 4x6 index card and cut them out.

    @Alton: actually, this is not an example from what I've been working on, but just something I threw together after reading and commenting on that post at linked above. I'm still not sure how to handle rituals in the card-based system I'm working on. I have a card for the "Ritual Caster" ability, and I'm thinking that the actual, individual rituals themselves will have to be found in-game, as part of treasure or the object of a quest.

  4. Wow, very nice indeed. Thanks again for the shout out at our site too. I'd be interested to get some play action reports after using them from your group. I'm hesitant about having another thing at the table for the player's to muck about, but I tend to think they do sort of forget rituals are at their disposal, especially for skill challenges.

  5. This looks awesome! I want to get a whole archive going of these and other cards that people have and will make. I agree that market value and what not isn't really important. I would include component cost and perhaps casting time and then save the rest of the room for the good stuff.